Field Services

Field Repair Services

As a complete service provider, Northstar provides Field Services to meet your operational demands.

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The goal of the Predictive Maintenance will be to identify and prevent possible equipment failure of critical equipment. Regular monitoring and maintenance of equipment will allow for early detection of possible failure and planned maintenance of the equipment, prior to their failure.

Northstar can setup and manage a preventive maintenance plan for your critical equipment. With your input, Northstar will setup a regular maintenance schedule whereby the following services are carried-out and data collected/analyzed to monitor the condition of the units:

Lubrication of bearings.
Vibration monitoring/analysis.
Oil analysis.
Thermal imaging evaluation.
Online monitoring of electric motors.
Ultra sonic flow monitoring.

The data collected will be stored and tracked over time to detect early signs of possible failure to plan maintenance accordingly and reduce the possibility of unexpected equipment failure and downtime.


Northstar is able to develop and carry-out Annual Maintenance programs for your backup generators and fire pumps.

The programs will include:

Quarterly testing of the equipment.
Annual oil and filter change.
Annual load test of the generators.
Fuel tank cleaning and fuel reconditioning,


Northstar can provide you with the following laser alignment services to assure that your equipment is installed properly:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Shaft Alignment.
  • Geometric Alignment.
  • Flatness, Squareness and Parallelism.
  • Belt Alignment.

All alignment works will include the relevant alignment report.


Available Field Service technicians:

  • Millwrights.
  • Diesel Technician.
  • Generator Technician.
  • Pump Technician.
  • Electric Motor Tech.
  • Fitters and Welders.

The field service units are equipped as follows:

  • SERVICE TRUCK: Equipped with a crane, air compressor, various tools, etc.
  • SERVICE TRAILER: Equipped with Fuel/oil cleaning system, fresh oil and used oil bins, used filter bin, used supplies bin.
  • WELDING RIGS: Equipped with leads, torches, pipe stands, etc.
  • SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT: Laser alignment, Vibration monitors, Thermal Imaging camera.